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The Reading Realm

Welcome to The Reading Realm, an educational app, where stories come to life…

Throughout my life, books have been an escape for me. They offer a chance to voyage to different worlds, meet new friends, battle terrifying enemies, learn wonderful facts and offer comfort when times are difficult.

To the children who may be using this app… I designed The Reading Realm in the hope that this brand-new app would offer children like you a chance to escape into a world filled with books, stories, poetry and non-fiction. There are over one hundred exciting passages from a diverse range of publishers and authors plus games, interactive challenges and much more!

I very much hope that these passages will offer you a glimpse into new worlds. I also hope that these ‘book tasters’ will offer an introduction to lots of amazing authors and you will feel that you have met a new friend. Perhaps the app will inspire you to visit your local library or book shop, with courage and hope, in search of new stories, poems and non-fiction books.

For parents, The Reading Realm offers your children the chance to explore, without any pressure, a whole host of marvellous, informative, moving, rich stories, poems and non-fiction classic and contemporary texts. Perhaps a snippet from the first chapter of a brand-new book, a short, classic poem or an extract from a non-fiction book about boats, horses or mountains will be enough to awaken, rekindle, restore or strengthen your child’s interest in books and have them asking to visit the local library or independent book shop in search of new authors and books.

For teachers who may use this app, The Reading Realm offers support, guidance, inspiration and a wealth of resources to use and adapt in your class. There are discussion prompts, each linked to a range of reading skills. There are also interactive spelling, word and grammar games linked to each passage and extract. Children will also be offered book recommendations, have the chance to review the passages they have read and to take part in weekly reading challenges. The discussion prompts are there to give ideas for you to explore with their classes – there are no right or wrong answers; these are simply meant to facilitate book talk and offer a starting point for open, honest, authentic dialogue. The Reading Realm focuses on reading for pleasure and enjoyment, debate, thoughtful conversation and giving the children the opportunity to lead any discussions. The app will certainly be a wonderful addition in supporting children during guided reading, whole class reading, one to one reading, research and independent reading time. The app provides focus, depth, a wealth of rich and varied texts and the space and time for children to consider, reflect, learn and enjoy.

Reading is such an important part of finding out who we are and books undoubtedly help to shape our lives. Books teach us, challenge us, make us feel safe, help us empathise with others, make us laugh, cry, giggle, gasp and wonder.

I hope The Reading Realm offers you something and, with the click of a button, gives you the opportunity to escape from the comfort of your chair, just for a little while, into a magical word where words shimmer, stories weave their magic, characters come to life and exciting, strange and new adventures wait for you.

See you in The Reading Realm soon!

Ian Eagleton

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