Book Review: The 1000 Year Old Boy by Ross Welford

519PxJcu1RL._AC_SY400_Synopsis: Alfie is 1000 years old. He has seen Viking invasions, watched Shakespeare’s plays and experienced the horror of the Second World War. When a tragic fire occurs, Alfie must find a new way of living. With his new friends Aidan and Roxy, he sets out on an epic adventure to find a way to reverse the effect of the magical life-pearls, which have kept him 11 years old for 1000 years.

Themes: Growing up, passing of time, family, friendship, history, love.

Why you should read it: An exciting, entirely original story that is epic in scope. The plot is action-packed and fast paced and Alfie is an appealing, compelling character. His predicament is unusual, gripping and moving. The story is often very funny, but is also tinged with a wry sadness and beautifully realised characters.

Cross-curricular links: History (the Anglo-Saxons, the Vikings, WW2) .

Perfect for:  Children aged 9-11. Book notes available on Authorfy.

Published by: Harper Collins Children’s Books

Please do leave a comment if you have used this book in your own classroom and how you used it!

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